Understanding Revelation part 2

We are taking it slow!


New Bible Study Curriculum

Hello All!

I wanted to introduce you to a new Bible Study curriculum that is being developed. It is called “The Genesis Lens”. I am proud to be a part of this project!

The Genesis Lens has four goals: produce passion for scripture, develop study tools, understand the unity of scripture, and build community. Once the initial study is complete, study materials will be available for teachers to conduct a Genesis Lens study locally.

Everything is still in “construction phase”…but I invite you to take a look at the website! Listen to the podcast as well!


Thank you!



Building Blocks Video Teaching series

At my church, I am doing a teaching series on Wednesday evenings called “Building Blocks”. The purpose of this series is to aquaint people with the structure, literary styles, and some major themes of scripture. It has been a fun experience.

Click below to go to the YouTube playlist for these videos.


Join Our Virtual bible Study TODAY

Since we had to cancel church today, I would love to still meet with you for a time of reflection. We can still meet via a Bible Study webinar!! Below you will see a link to register for the Bible Study at 6PM TODAY!!!!

Things you need to know:

1. There will be a visual and audio part of the study (you will only see me…so you can wear your PJ’s).
2. The link will send you to a registration page and after registration an email with some codes will be sent to you.
3. To hear everything with the best quality…please use your phone to dial into the “meeting”.
4. I have muted participants so we don’t hear everything going on in every home :)…but there will be an option to comment through typing with questions….
5. You can register starting NOW.