Easter Service 2020

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The Flood

He makes a wretch His treasure
And somehow He made me new
He took what little that I had
And did what only He could do

The dirt, the pain, the darkest heart
The anger that I held
Dissolved in the flood
Of the wave that powerfully swelled

My goodness was like a small drop
Amongest the sin-filled sea
But, in the midst of the chaos
My Lord picked out me

It wasn’t virtue that caught His glance
Or the power I could boast
But the weakest soul that I had become
Intrigued my God the most

So, as I sit here in this chair
With nothing to claim as my own
I realize I deserve nothing good
And my life is simply on loan

Thank God for forming my life
Into what it needs to be
And, out of the vastness of my sin
Rescuing dirty old me.

-Landon DeCrastos

A Kind Obsession

Maybe it’s the taste of a slender stick
or the bottom of a cup
Perhaps the screen and one more click
Or the temptation to give up

It could be the thoughts that float in your head
Or the hardened heart forming
When sleeplessness keeps you out of bed
When your emotions are storming

You could be drawn by something nice
Something that feels so good
At the time it seems like paradise
But you still question if you should

Don’t dip your toe in the stream
Don’t think about giving it a try
Don’t fall for that age old scheme
Don’t settle for that lie

Because I know someone who cares much more
He love you no matter what
Even if you have closed the door
And you think it will always be shut

He accepts you no matter where you have been
He knows your soul by name
He can rescue you from your sin
And release you from your shame

We all have clinged to what we know
We have struggled to survive
We can jump into the cleansing flow
Feet first or even dive

Our kind obsession, He can be
The one our hearts long for
If we give Him the chance to set us free
And reopen that welded door.


-Landon DeCrastos

Grab My Hand (Monday Musings)


“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

Imagine this scenerio for a moment. A man is walking along the 10th floor of a new office building that is in the middle of construction. The walls are bare and leave a lot to be desired, and the only functional way of going up and down is the few sets of stair cases on either end of the building. This man is going from room to room, imagining what the offices are going to look like, and he is hopeful that everything will come to reality soon.

This man is a business owner and knows that when this building is complete, his company will be housed in this brand new place. The 10th floor. He imagines where the desks will go, the colors that could be on the walls, and even where the outlets will best fit. He goes from room to room and sees such hope in this place. He is so excited about what could be, and what will come to pass.

As this man is walking, he gets distracted by his own daydreaming, and falls into the empty elevator shaft. Luckily, he is able to immediately grab a metal beam in between floors. There he hangs for hours, screaming at the top of his lungs. He wants to be safe again…he wants to be free. He is yelling for help, because he is afraid that he will drop to his doom any minute.

Suddenly, a construction worker on the 9th floor hears his cry. He runs to this poor man’s rescue. He is safe! “Grab my hand”, yells the construction worker. The remedy for this man’s fear and ultimate doom is only an arm’s length away. It is as easy as simply reaching out a hand. But wait…the man who is in danger of losing his life refuses the outstretched hand. “My dreams are on the 10th floor!”, he yells…referring to the business that will soon go into that space and the lifelong dream this man had while building this company. “I promise…I will take you to the 10th floor after I rescue you. Please trust me. Grab my hand!” the construction worker says. The man refused and  fell the rest of the building length to his demise.

This man had a choice…reach out his hand for the rescue being offered, or be so in love with his immediate desires that he loses his own life.

Each day, we have an awesome opportunity to choose life. We can choose to live our own life falling in love with our own goals, or we can choose to reach out and grab the hand of Jesus to give us life and more passion to live every day with our goals backed up by His power.

Grab His hand. Choose to live.

-Landon DeCrastos

Avoiding Trouble

A few days ago, I revealed a deep dark secret about my childhood. It was one of those times in which my brother and I did not have the wisest of judgment and God was gracious to protect us from harm. Stories that end in barely escaping harm seem to take up a large part of my memory. Being a boy, daredevil stunts came naturally.

One particular activity that I regret as I reflect on my childhood (in which I participated in a few times) was the ridiculously stupid firework war with my friends. These wars didn’t include harmless poppers or makeshift sparkler swords….no….we would shoot bottle rockets at each other and throw small explosives in the opponents direction. It was dumb.

My friend’s dad happened to have some old cars on his property which he would use to harvest cosmetic car parts. One time, when we were engaging in our ruthless war, one of us accidently shot (with pinpoint accuracy) a bottle rocket into the gas tank (no, I am not kidding) of one of these cars. The world stopped spinning, and we all looked at each other with panic. We did the bravest, and most manly thing we could think of….we ran. Somehow, by the grace of God, the rocket was a dud and no explosions occurred.

If we were to list the things that God has saved us from, how long would the list be? Perhaps these things are situations that we have prayed about for a long time, or maybe they are things that we were complete ignorant about. In either circumstance, God, for some reason, helped us escape the most severe of all the possible consequences. One has to wonder, then, if we have some greater purpose, or in those times, if there was a reason for this rescue.

In life and even in death, God has a plan for all of us. It is up to us to recognize this truth, and obey God to see it fulfilled. This doesn’t mean we are always clear on the details, but it does mean we trust that God desires the best for us.

-Landon DeCrastos