Kingdom Politics

Hi Friends!

I wanted to encourage you to listen to the most recent podcast. In this recording, I wanted to briefly reflect on implications from Biblical Exile…in comparison to the division we see today in our political system. The voting booth should not be our sacrificial altar. Click on the player below. You can also subscribe to my podcast through iTunes!

Also, check out a post I made a couple years ago pertaining to voting. Perhaps this will shed some light on where our minds and hearts should be. Click here!

An Open Letter to Christian Voters


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This week marked the entrance of a new chapter in American history. Donald Trump has been elected president. It is universally accepted and known that this election season has brought about division, anger, and fear among many people. We know that fear is satan’s tool that is used for the primary purpose of division. It bothers me that our country is divided, but it doesn’t fully surprise me. Our compassion for our neighbor, and our love of humanity is a great talking point in public but is often abandoned when we simply want to be right.

If we call ourselves Christians, then that indicates a certain past that has been recreated into a completely different future. Being transformed by Jesus directly implies that there is, or has been a need for our old hearts to be exchanged for new ones. If you truly follow Jesus than this should inform every square inch of your private and public life.

I have seen a certain Christian cliché circulating that I want to address today. It is one that sounds great, but is actually quite terrifying to our status quo. The phrase “No matter who is president, Jesus is King!” is being passed around as a way to comfort and assure people who love God to carry on despite who may have been elected into office. Initially, this sound like solid biblical truth, and in some cases it is, but in other cases it has proven to be absolutely false.

Jesus is the king of the universe and His throne is in Heaven. He is king of all creation, and we know that God created all the birds of the air, flowers of the fields, fish of the sea, and creatures of the ground. God is sovereign concerning the future, and even referring to the past. So, in these cases, we can all agree that “Jesus is King”.

But…is Jesus REALLY king? I honestly don’t know. The reason I say this is because this is a question that you will have to answer in your heart and mind. I say this, because, if Jesus is not the king of your heart, if He does not have access to every corner of your life, and if His word means nothing regarding the way you orient your priorities, then I would have to ask if the statement in question is even valid.

Jesus may be king of everything…but…is He king of you?

If He is, then this will inform how you treat your neighbors, post your statuses, parent your children, organize your finances, and set up your priorities.

So before you even think about saying, ““No matter who is president, Jesus is King!” make sure it is true for you. Pray fervently that God will permeate your heart, convict you of sin, and become desperate for more of Him.

 Love you all.

-Landon DeCrastos

The Politics of Jesus

the-politics-of-jesusWhen people are passionate about something, they tend to become frustrated when others are not fully immersed in their cause.

Currently, America is fully involved in a public debate about politics, because we are on the verge of electing new leaders into prominent leadership positions throughout the country. This debate stems from ideas that guide our thinking and these ideas are often guided by past experiences and even hurts that we want to eradicate.

Christians that enter this public debate make comments often about “who true Christians should vote for” and, lucky enough, the answer to this always follows who they happen to support. The question of who Jesus would vote for is the proverbial “elephant in the room” and I think it is an important one to explore.

As I read scripture, I think I have figured it out. Jesus would vote for:

  • Those who clothe the naked, feed the hungry and are close to the broken-hearted.
  • Those who care about the dignity of every human, and who would respect life at every stage.
  • One who cares enough about their neighbor to look at them with compassion…
  • One who flees from temptation
  • A person who sacrifices and serves
  • …who is a peacemaker
  • …who mourns with those who mourns and rejoices with those who rejoice
  • A person who hungers and thirsts for righteousness.
  • Those who are passionate about the persecuted.
  • A person who speaks truth when it is hard and even sometimes unpopular
  • …whose heart breaks when they see evil running rampant

Ultimately, there is no perfect candidate.

When we look at scripture, we see that Jesus was not concerned with who was governing, or who had the most power in the region. He simply healed, loved, spoke truth, and sacrificed. He knew that no matter who was in charge, His kingdom was what mattered more than anything.

Maybe we need to stop being so concerned with who is going to be president of our land and start being concerned with who is king of our hearts. Voting is important and a duty we should embrace, but our eternal destiny is much more important.

So, who would Jesus vote for? Well…He may accidently forget to go to the voting booth because He would be too busy conquering death and healing the broken. I’m not encouraging you not to vote. Just remember that the way you treat your neighbor is much more essential.

Love you all.

-Landon DeCrastos