The Ferryman

There is a story that’s more than lore
About believers who have come before
Those who sought Jesus over earthly more
And earnestly asked him to save

These folks acknowledged the pain he bore
And answered when He knocked on the door
They found meaning they always longed for
And loved the grace He gave

To them, serving was not a chore
When they prayed, they felt their hearts soar
Scripture changed their very core
Their eternal future was gilded and paved

Then one day our precious Lord
Ferried them to the beautiful shore
Asking them to trust Him just once more
And ride the uncertain wave

When they did, they found what they were created for
Streets of gold and everyone they adore
Waiting at the golden door
And the joy that God naturally gave

So what can we learn from this report?
Well, whether long or even short
Our earthly time is not for sport
And eternal life starts before the grave.

-Landon DeCrastos


Go to Sleep!

You know what question
Gets under my skin?

What part of left
Becomes right again?

Also how much sky touches the ground
Or how much upright is upside down?

How much red is found in blue?
How much desert is covered in dew?

What about laughing that turns into a frown
Or how secretly unhappy are whimsical clowns?

Does it really matter how much a hen weighs?
Or how many hours add up to days?

How loud and heavy is a plop?
How many flips are in a flop?

Why are people different than they seem?
Why don’t we ever see grape ice cream?

Who has the job of inspecting my flight?


Who invented the original kite?

All of these things swirl in my head
And make me toss and turn in my bed

But…the answer to all of these
Will never change the earth

Nor will the constant worry
We have experienced from birth

So take a moment to calm your mind
And leave your concern far behind

You don’t really have to be the one
To know all the answers under the sun

Take a breath.
Go to sleep.
Your day is complete.

Even though slumber sounds like an impossible feat.


-Landon DeCrastos

The Fight

Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to the main event
A fight of the century
The bout worth every cent

In this corner, Daddy
Big, strong and wise
In the opposite; daughter
With the biggest blue eyes

This fight will put chills down your spine
It’s bound to be a thrill
Let’s listen to this verbal match
Lean in quietly and be still

The smallest one starts it off
Let’s hear her first swing
With a phrase she starts the brawl
Then Daddy steps into the ring

“I love you so much” she begins
We can almost hear the crowd roar
Their eyes stare each other down
She gets the very first score

“I love you more than you will ever know”
Daddy says with a smug grin
Then little lady fires back
The intense struggle is about to begin

“No, I love you times a million”
She says thinking she was going to win
But Daddy was ready for her joust
He cracks his knuckles, takes a breath, and leans in

“You are out matched little one
You don’t have a prayer
Mom and I asked God for you
We loved you before you even breathed air”

Daughter tried to fire back
But Daddy didn’t let her go
There was more that needed to be said
He was not nearly out of ammo

“I love you more than wide is wide
I love you farther than the planet Mars
I love you all the way to God and back
Way past the twinkling stars

Don’t try to defeat me in this
Because you have already lost
I would do anything for you
No matter what the cost

Sometimes mom and I can get mad
And raise our voices to correct
But never forget how much we love you
You are mine, despite whether or not you object

And with that final blow
The 4 year old accepted defeat
Not a thing could be said
As she stated at her little feet

Then, suddenly she looked up
with joyful tears in her eyes
She kissed Daddy on the cheek
And he realized this was all a guise

All she really wanted
Was to hear her Daddy say
That He loved her without conditions
And then she ran off to play.


-Landon DeCrastos


My belly’s full of food

My heart is full of love

My family is all around me

And even more looking from above

I can’t thank God enough

For everything I possess

I deserve none of it

It is all by grace; I confess

Sure, these material things are great

And the money I earn is fine

But I honestly can’t say

That the any of the credit should be mine

I owe absolutely all I have

To the one who gives grace and hope

When I am standing on the mountain

Or at the end of my rope

I know I do not have much

In comparison to most

But, I can say I am content

Even though I cannot boast

I am truly grateful this year

For all the little things

And I pray that I will continue

To thank The Lord for what He brings.

-Landon DeCrastos

The Little Seed

Have you ever really tried
to grow an apple tree under your bed?
While giving it no water
And making sure it’s not fed
Have you tried it in winter
when there is less sun during the day?
And the wind outside is cold
And growth is chilled away
Have you prayed for soaking rain
to saturate that seed?
When it was hidden away from the light
Away from every natural need
When it didn’t grow to full height
Did you shake your fist at God?
When no youthful plant emerged
Did you find it rather odd?
What then happened
when you pulled the starving seed out?
Gave it light and water
Did you see the seedling sprout?
You probably saw something
Perhaps a glimmer of hope
When out of the dirt you began to see
nature’s periscope
A seedling erupts from the soil
It has everything it needs
To flourish and live it’s life
Even among the weeds
God is the author of all growth
And he applies it to our soul
He wants us to step into the light
He is the water that makes us whole
We can’t expect to have joy in life
If we are always in the dark
If we always search for the negative
And never revive our spark
We could get angry with God
About why our fruit does not thrive
But ultimately, we could seek the light
And do much more than just survive.
-Landon DeCrastos

I’m Sorry, America

I’m sorry, America
Please accept my apology
For only thinking about myself
And less about your eternity

We see struggles in this place
Of every conceivable kind
Struggles that are buried deep within
And others that are easier to find

The world is in turmoil
We see fighting, famine, and strife
People often feel so lonely
With no immediate hope in their life

I’m not sorry for what I have done
But rather what I have not
I have a story that has blessed me
But I rarely share the plot

I’m sorry for not sharing what I know
The most vital message of all
That Jesus came to save the lost
And reverse the curse of the fall

Each day in the local news
We see addiction, anger, and hate
And here I sit in my comfortable chair
Mentally judging people’s fate

I’m sorry for not sharing Jesus with you
Like I absolutely know I should
I think it is fear, or laziness
Or other things that feel so good

I can’t speak for every person
I can only speak for myself
I just know there are times
When I put my beliefs on the shelf

I know I should share about God
And about a life changing choice
To accept the Creator’s love
And hear His delivering voice

If I would have done what is right
If I could have eliminated my fear
I could have made this world better
And accomplished my mission here

So, I am sorry America
The problem is partly me
I will promise to share the hope
That I have found Jesus to be

I once was lost, but now I am found
I was blind but now I see
Jesus rescued my life from the grave
And changed my eternity.

Even in the mess we are in
For which I am partly to blame
I resolve to share hope and joy
And love the world around me in Jesus name.

-Landon DeCrastos

My Legacy

If I didn’t wake up tomorrow
You know what I would do?
I would run through the meadows
My feet dampened by the dew

I would be at peace
And finally be free
Free from the darkness
Escaping all misery

It would be great to swim
in the cool crystal pools
Reuniting with loved ones
and acting like fools

The food would be great
the banquet would never end
We would dine with Jesus
as if He were our closest friend

I wouldn’t care about below
And all the pain I fled
Not that I was calloused
But I realize eternity is ahead

But let’s just say
I actually did think for a bit
About the life I led
and the light that was lit

I would probably wonder
about the prints I leave
If others were touched
If I helped them to believe

Did I allow God to guide
Even when my soul seemed bare?
Did I treat people kind?
Did I show them I care?

Perhaps I will look down
at some point to see
If those that I prayed for
Will carry on my legacy

My God only knows
When that fateful moment will start
Until then, my job continues
His words will guide my heart.

-Landon DeCrastos

Hope of The World

Reaching out with open hands
Desperately ignoring circumstance
Really hoping to gain His glance
Finding peace when I do

But, watching the news with disbelief
Killings, abuse…another thief
Praying evil will turn over a new leaf
Wanting the world to be made new

Save them God, as they go astray
Show the world your face today
Help them to joyfully obey
Thinking “If they only knew”

All of my frustration and concern
Over the lessons they should learn
For worldwide change I passionately yearn
Wishing they understood what was true

I shout in anger to the sky
“Why do the innocent have to die?”
Why are slaves given over to buy
Cities destroyed by wind that blew

When will the answer show its face
And give hope to the human race
When will people wholly embrace
When will the hurt be through

These questions I had in my mind
And not one place could I find
An answer that was direct and kind
But, I unsuccessfully thought of a few

But then a finger came out of the air
And pointed at me in my chair
The booming voice, terrifying yet fair
Said, “the change starts with YOU”.

-Landon DeCrastos

A Kind Obsession

Maybe it’s the taste of a slender stick
or the bottom of a cup
Perhaps the screen and one more click
Or the temptation to give up

It could be the thoughts that float in your head
Or the hardened heart forming
When sleeplessness keeps you out of bed
When your emotions are storming

You could be drawn by something nice
Something that feels so good
At the time it seems like paradise
But you still question if you should

Don’t dip your toe in the stream
Don’t think about giving it a try
Don’t fall for that age old scheme
Don’t settle for that lie

Because I know someone who cares much more
He love you no matter what
Even if you have closed the door
And you think it will always be shut

He accepts you no matter where you have been
He knows your soul by name
He can rescue you from your sin
And release you from your shame

We all have clinged to what we know
We have struggled to survive
We can jump into the cleansing flow
Feet first or even dive

Our kind obsession, He can be
The one our hearts long for
If we give Him the chance to set us free
And reopen that welded door.


-Landon DeCrastos

Where I Come From

Many people may ask where I am from.

This question has many beautiful layers.

And often we think of just one

We think of location; the place, time, and year.

But my answer is one that I truly hold dear.

I come from so many places, and you may as well.

I come from a testimony that is so exciting to tell.

I come from the prayers of family; fervent and strong.

I come from tears; passionate and long

I come from the sacrifice; brave women and men

I come from a faithful heritage and stories of what has been

I come from the smiles of children holding onto my leg

I come from a wife’s gentle kiss; for which there is no need to beg.

I come fromt the laughter of friends; those I love so dear

I come from the mourning of the lost; wishing they were still near

I come from my personal reflections; my mortality as a man

I come from the Love of God; embracing His plan

Most of all, I come from a Christ who gave up His identity

For freedom, love and life eternally.

-Landon DeCrastos