Celebrity Interview


A few months ago, I decided to write a blog post that would reflect the ideas of a local celebrity. This person is as wise as he is famous, and I have featured him on many of my Facebook statuses in the last 6 years. I have known him since 2010, and as our relationship has progressed, I have learned more about his heart for other people. He has taught me so much about myself, human tendencies, and life in general. Since we first met, I have realized that he has actually made my life better. This doesn’t mean that he hasn’t frustrated me on a regular basis, but the love I have for him has grown to overtake this frustration.

This local celebrity is my son Josiah. He may not be famous to many people, but he means the world to me. I thought it may be a great idea to ask him some interview questions regarding life, and current events to see what his responses would be. I was very pleased, and immensely proud of the way he answered. So, below, you will find some questions I had for my son and the answers he gave. He was very serious about this activity. Some are pretty straight forward, but others are oddly profound (and a few that are funny). I will not type all of them out; only the highlights.

Q: If you could fix one thing in the world, what would it be?

A: I would make sure that everyone had a friend. Friends are very important.

Q: What do you think should be done with people who do bad things?

A: They should go to jail because they are not very nice.

Q: What is the biggest problem the world has today?

A: Fire…because it could burn the whole Earth if we are not careful.

Q: What is the funnest thing you can think of?

A: Riding a rollercoaster that is as fast as a cheetah.

Q: In your opinion, why do you think people do bad things?

A: Their Mommy and Daddy may have taught them to be bad, but they are not actually bad. They learned it.

Q: Why are people mean to each other?

A: They may not have had enough sleep or food.

Q: What could we do to help people who do bad things?

A: Tell them about God. They will become better people.

It was amazing to hear what went through his mind. I didn’t realize how a 6 year old processed important questions. At some point I would like to ask my daughter questions.

-Landon DeCrastos

Inspired to Live (Repost)

Inspired to Live

“Hi, I’m Madie, what is your name?”

The conversation started and centered around her favorite things to do and how long she was going to be vacationing on the beach. She was a cute little 9 year old girl that had about as much energy and questions as any other girl of the same age. She seemed to be enamored by the cuteness of my daughter…which doesn’t really surprise me, because I am pretty sure my baby girl deserves at least a couple awards for the way she looks. Maddie kept wanting to (the only word to describe it is) pet my girl as if she were a gerbil and we like to take her out in public for some reason. Oddly enough, we are somewhat used to this…

Maddie went around our family-created half circle as we floated in the pool together and asked where we were from and what we did for a living. To be honest, I wanted to just float and play with my kids in peace. My answers were abrupt. My wife, however, is always inquisitive and began to ask this little girl about where she was from. Apparently, Maddie hadn’t yet learned the “don’t talk to strangers” rule we all learned in grade school and at home. There was something about her, though, that seemed to have a zest for life. It could be her age.

Maddie told us that she was a twin, and her sister, Macy, was also swimming nearby. Right as she said this, her clone came bouncing along at lightspeed past the “no running” sign on the wall. When Macy jumped in, it soon was apparent that these girls were best friends.

I decided to join in and admit defeat to their cuteness. I asked dumb questions like, “can you read each other’s minds?” just to break the ice (which was already shattered). They laughed and I entered the conversation. Then, all of the sudden, Macy blurted out something completely out of context. She said, “Yeah, Maddie wasn’t supposed to be born.”

That shocked me when I heard it, and I asked her to explain. Macy then told me the story about how doctors were expecting Maddie to be born dead because Macy was “stealing all of Maddie’s food and blood in Mommy’s tummy”. What she was describing is a fatal medical condition during gestation. So, she reiterated, “Maddie was not supposed to be born…but I am glad she was…she is my best friend.” Macy said this with a smile as if she really didn’t understand the full implications of what she said. Meanwhile, I am silent and nodding my head as if this conversation hasn’t completely floored me. It still rings in my head.

These girls then went along their way, and played like sisters are made to do. These girls are both walking miracles…one, because she is alive and the other because she chooses to live.

I will remember these girls for a long time. Their energy and playfulness give me hope that, when I feel dry, tired, and alone in my Christian walk…there is always hope for new life. It means something that Maddie made it. I have to believe that. A girl who should not be here is only a couple of years away from having a crush on a boy, and only 36 years away from becoming president.

Live a life that inspires others to live. Even if you feel dead…the inventor of life can resurrect.

-Landon DeCrastos

Heroic Prayer

HeroicPrayerMy son loves when I tell him a story before he goes to bed. I like to think it is because he thinks I am an excellent story teller, but the truth is he simply knows that he can stay up for those last few minutes if I tell him one.

Sometimes, it is a story from his Children’s Bible, and other times it is more of a biographical tale of something that happened when I was a child. Lately, I have made up children’s stories. They usually have a hidden lesson. He loves it when I make them up.

Two nights ago, I made up a story that was loosely based on another story I heard when I was young. You may have heard a similar version, but the story was about a man who prayed and asked God to make him strong. This man prayed and prayed because he was a weak man who really wanted supernatural strength. He desired to be a superhero (my boy loved that prayer). Everyday, God told this man to go outside and push on the same large boulder. This boulder was immovable, and each day this man became more and more frustrated because he could not move it. He questioned what the point was if it could not be moved. He was also frustrated because he had to walk a long way through the woods to get to this boulder. Daily, his body would ache as he attempted to push this rock. He would wake up every morning sore and dreading the next attempt. He continued to obey, though.

After 3 months of this strenuous routine, this man became angry with God and decided to stop praying for this transformation. He believed God was good, and that He could do anything…he was just tired of praying. He pledged to God, however, that he would do it one more time. So, he began his trek through the woods to find the large boulder.

He was halfway to his destination when he heard a weak cry for help. He moved around to see where the cry was coming from and he noticed it became louder near a large hole in the ground. He looked in the hole and saw a little boy who had fell and was hurt. The man reached down and easily pulled the boy to safety. The man soon realized that his months of pushing made him stronger than he ever was. God had answered his prayer. He was a hero.

Sometimes we feel so helpless that we forget that God is working in our lives. We focus on our inadequacies. It is His strength, mercy, and power that matter…not our might or understanding.

Never stop praying. Even when it seems like the object in front of you seems immovable. Perhaps God is changing you while you are praying for the situation to change. Keep pushing.

Love you all.

-Landon DeCrastos

Prayer Sticks

First I want to apologize for talking about my son a lot in this blog. If you are reading this and making the inevitable conclusion that this post is about my son as well….you are right. Just humor me…stick with it….it will be over soon. Also, in a related matter…my son rules.

For a few weeks now, we have introduced our son to the concept of prayer sticks. These sticks have the names of various friends, and family written on them. Each night, Josiah will pull a stick out of the jar, and after his story, that is the stick we pray for. We have been praying with him since he was an infant, but he would mostly just listen or look at mommy and daddy shutting their eyes and make funny noises while we prayed.

When he first began to talk, he would say “Amen” when he knew the prayer was over. Several months ago, he asked us if he could pray. Often it would be him bashfully mumbling and we couldn’t understand a word. Within the last week, our son has asked to pray and his prayers have been coherent and actually very profound. I won’t go into the content of the prayers but it seems that God shows up when he prays. Lately, at the end, my wife and I will look at each other with amazement and wonder where he got the idea to pray for these specific areas of need.

Don’t take this as a statement of theological fact, but I almost wonder if God hears these prayers a little louder than most prayers that I pray. Not because God loves anyone more or less, but when prayers are prayed with innocence and sincerity at this level, one can feel an angel walk by.

My point? Teach your kids to pray. Prayer is a powerful weapon when yielded by someone as skilled as a child. Let them loose on the landscape of divine communication and just watch what happens.

Apparently with prayer sticks…..prayer sticks.

-Landon DeCrastos


Children are talked about in a few different instances in the Bible. In the culture in which Jesus lived, children were looked at as extra mouths to feed. It was okay because, back then, parents chose to have children for a few different reasons. They were born to carry on the family name, raise younger children, and work in the family industry. When Jesus talks about them He approaches the subject with deep respect and caution. When children were looked at as second class citizens with no particular rights, Jesus was calling His people to look at them as a life example. Christ’s followers are called to approach their faith with innocence, trust, and a willingness to give up their rights for the progression of God’s kingdom.

Sometimes when we think about children, we think about little people that need to be cared for and sometimes get under our feet. Every once in a while we trip over them, and step on their toys. They have to rely on us for their daily provision. In the same way, God desires to be our provider. He doesn’t mind when we get in the way, as long as we give Him permission to redirect us.

We are His children. We are called to behave as such.

-Landon DeCrastos