Lower Class Citizens

There is a unique feature in many large old houses. This feature summarizes the values, and customs of a society that existed long ago. The very nature of this structural feature suggests that there was a type of person that did not deserve equal treatment comparable to the owner of the household.

The part of the house I speak of is the servant’s entrance.

Often this entrance would be placed a considerable distance away from the main entrance so that the help would not be seen.

Perhaps this was because the owners did not want to have to be reminded that the luxuries that these lower class citizens manufacture, are the result of blood, sweat, and tears. Blood, sweat, and tears that are disposible commodities to those people who took their wealth for granted.

The servant’s entrance of these houses had constant traffic by the army of laborers that worked every day to keep life running.

In God’s economy, these lower class citizens, are actually the elite.

Jesus gives us a clear picture of what His expectations of us are.

We are to be servants to others. This must be imbedded in our hearts.

In fact, our submission, and humble posture are what guarantee access to God.

When we lead others…we must be servants.

When we give charitably…we must serve others, and not our egos.

When we tell others about Christ…we must be humble enough to share our imperfections.

I pray that we will look at every action that we do as an act of servanthood.

Heaven’s door is not a luxurious gate, but a servant’s entrance.

One thought on “Lower Class Citizens

  1. Here in Newfoundland we also have the upper and the lower classes.

    The upper class lives above ground, and the lower class lives in their basement apartments. The rent that they pay, pays the mortgages of the upper classes.

    Jesus came to serve, not to be served. Thanks.🤗


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