“Love” is a lie.

One of the most fundamental flaws in Western thought is one that is endlessly propagated through movies, TV, and Fiction novels. It is the idea that love is an impulsive feeling and not a long term conscious commitment despite outward circumstances.

I’m some cases, this idea can be pretty harmless…but think about how it can leak into every square inch of life. If it leaks into Christian practice, then it is absolutely valid to look at a believer with this mentality as a hypocrite. That’s because they will always express love based on what serves them. When this unhealthy definition of love is embraced, then we see infatuation treated as “true love”.

In the realm of church, we see a lack of commitment because the person is relying on “synthetic enthusiasm” psychologically created by music, laser lights, or creative presentations and this is what they rely on to move forward.

In marriages, if this definition of love is attested to, we see relationships dissolving seeking the “next best thing” and lacking the resolve to show love through a lifelong study of the other person and daily compromise.

Finally, if this thought process leaks into our personal thought life, we can develop bitterness or constant discouragement because we never “measure up”. We will assume that the world around us is always taking notes and measuring our actions to then distribute their “love” to us and they feel.

Do you see how toxic a bad understanding of love can be?

In 2019, seek to understand this concept better. It will do more good than resolutions.

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