Another great review!

The Indy Burger Guy visited The Workingman’s Friend on Friday, December 23, 2016.

There is truly something to be said for a mainstay location. They are able to stand the test of time more on the quality of their product than anything else – after all, if the product isn’t quality, it’s going to be next to impossible to inspire loyalty in the customer base. Especially when we’re talking about the kind of loyalty engendered by The Workingman’s Friend on Indy’s near west side.

The Workingman’s Friend is a Central Indiana mainstay, having opened its doors almost a hundred years ago in 1918. Since then, the restaurant – part greasy spoon, part dive bar – has stayed in the Stamatkin family and has been serving up burgers that are consistently namedamong Indy’s favorite! In fact, beyond just being a favorite for Indy residents, Workingman’s Friend has been recognized…

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