Top Ten Fictional Burger Restaurants I’d Love to Try.

This is a fun post!! I have never thought about the fictional burger places on TV until now

Welcome to Musings, a bi-monthly column that I hope will unpack some of my thoughts surrounding burgers and life. In this inaugural column, I wish myself into the realm of fiction for a chance to try some of the best burgers that never were (well, outside of your imagination, that is).

Like many people, I love the escapism that comes from a great story, be it a film, television show, or a good old-fashioned book. The best part of a great story is the way it pulls you in with the rich detail of the world it’s built. This post is a testament to the way some of the great fictional stories have included burgers!

Here are the top ten fictional burger joints I’d love to stop in and try!


10.) The Max, ‘Saved By the Bell’

Nothing tastes as good as nostalgia and nothing screams nostalgia louder to children…

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