Lucy @ Scotty’s Brewhouse.

I had the privilege of being with him while he reviewed this burger. It was a fun experience

Indy Burger Guy visited Scotty’s Brewhouse on Friday, August 19, 2016.

Since I started the Indy Burger Guy project at the beginning of August, there has been maybe one person as excited about this blog as myself (perhaps even more excited, to be honest – to date, he’s the only official follower of Indy Burger Guy on WordPress). That person is my old college buddy and former improv team cohort, Landon DeCrastos. Landon is a local pastor and blogger, who like me, is bald, bearded and, perhaps most importantly, a burger lover! So it made sense to me that I invite Landon along when I compiled my first review at Scotty’s Brewhouse.

Now I’ve been going to Scotty’s for several years. In fact, I’ve been a fan of Scott Wise’s restaurant ventures around Indiana since I met a friend for brunch at the downtown Scotty’s almost a decade ago. The Brewhouse…

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