The Big Pickle @ Stacked Pickle.

This is my friend Stephen who reviews local burgers here in Indy. You should follow his blog! I got to be a part of one of his reviews that is coming up!

Indy Burger Guy visited The Stacked Pickle on August 7, 2016.

Due to its proximity to our place of employ and the reasonable pricing of their fare (plus my wife’s fondness for their Cajun Steak Wrap), Stacked Pickle’s West Carmel location has been our go-to sports bar for the last few years. Not that either of us are particularly sports fans, mind. But if we want bar food without frills, we’re as likely to be found at Stacked Pickle than anywhere else.

To be totally truthful, I don’t spend much time in sports bars, but I can’t imagine that there’s much that sets Stacked Pickle apart from a lot of the others in Central Indiana. Big screen TVs adorn the walls, each tuned to any number of sporting events playing around the world – this time, it was golf, preseason football (that never quite got started), and the Olympic games…

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