Give me words;

Pray for my friend as she continues school!

Just a Jesus lover with a pen in hand

Oh boy oh boy oh boy

It’s been almost six months since I started Just a Jesus lover with a pen in hand

Twelve posts later (this makes thirteen) and I’m about to start my junior year at BSU

Goodbye, Summer

Goodbye, sweet freedom

Ha, kidding

Sort of.

Ehh, we’ll see.

After this semester, my minor in Psychology of Human Development will be complete

and I will be 82% done with my degree requirements

(insert internal panic attack here)

They aren’t kidding, you know,

when they say that one day you’ll wake up and realize…

that you’re….

a grown-up.

dun dun dun.

There’s a show, it’s called One Tree Hill.


If you’re a teenager/twenty-something and haven’t watched that show

or you’re just a human being that loves good TV

Stop what you’re doing and go watch it.


There’s a quote at the end of the last episode, it…

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