5 Things Christ-followers Should Do (Repost)

handA few days ago I was reflecting on what it means to follow Christ. When I was thinking about this, various standard things came to mind. You know…the things pastors preach about all the time. It made sense to me that, to be a Christ- follower, a person would naturally desire to get closer to God through prayer, scripture reading, giving, and fellowship with other believers.

What about in the times when we are out and about? What about the mundane things that people take part in on a regular basis? My mind started to gravitate towards things people do on a regular basis that display their faith. These things are often overlooked. They are not elaborate displays of sainthood, and things that will probably never be acknowledged. I think the following are things that Christ-followers should do, not to show the world they are Christian, but because the living God dwells within.

Disclaimer: No one is perfect. God fills us with the ability to do these things.

5 Things Christ-Followers Should Do:

1. Put the grocery cart back in the “cart corral” or back to the store– This may sound silly, but this concept goes further than just putting a cart away. It is really not about a cart at all. This is about loving others and being considerate. The real reason this is done is because it is an exercise in inconveniencing yourself to do something for those who may never see your face.

2. Tip Well– Nothing makes me shake my head more than a Christian who prays before a meal, and leaves a lousy tip at a restaurant. Do me a favor…if you do not plan to tip well, don’t pray for your meal in public. It makes Jesus look bad. I think, when we do this right, we show the world that Christ is a generous God. Do some research on the wage of a server. It is not great, and yes it is your problem. Oh…and stop complaining about how slow your service is (within reason )…You do realize that you came to this place, sat down, and now people are BRINGING FOOD TO YOU…right?

3. Listen– Now, I want you to understand my heart in saying this, because I am a huge proponent of having proper theology, but sometimes people just need to listen to each other. Not every conversation is a platform for theologcial reform. Sometimes people need to talk and need to “hurt out loud”. Listen to them. Let them say bad words. Let them be mad at God, and hate for just a few minutes. It will be okay, and God will not be dethroned by doing so. God will soften your heart more deeply, and speak more loudly to what He wants you to do. You know why? Because God is real and He does that.

4. Show Contentment– So many relationships (married and friendships) are shattered, because people reject the concept of “enough”. If we stopped trying to pull people into our pitty, and invited them into our celebration, we would see more people praising God. If we get up every morning and thanked God for what we have first…we will feel the power that only the Holy Spirit can bring.

5. Cry and Laugh– You are not made of stone and God made you to show emotion. This enhances our lives and helps us express things that are real. Weep with those who mourn, and laugh at things that are corny. Who cares what people think?!?!

There are obviously many more that I could write, and they will come later. Let’s make a covenant to act like authentic Christians. Not the cookie cutter kind, but truly real.

-Landon DeCrastos

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