Picture This: Forever Changed

“Hey you…excuse me! Can I ask you a question?” I was a 14 year old boy at this point in my life and I had gained a certain amount of wisdom in my early years. When a cute girl came up to me, wanting to ask me something, it is courteous to oblige and give her my full attention. “Sure”, I said trying not to give any indication that my 14 year old mind was already trying to control the hormone flow to my body. We were at a youth retreat with a number of other churches, so I felt more bold to speak to girls I knew I would never see again (this was before social media). She was easy on the eyes, for sure, but I was so unskilled in the ways of women.

She looked at me with these mezmorizing blue eyes and asked if she could take my picture. I thought it was because she saw me from a distance and thought I was attractive…nope. There was a different reason entirely. It turns out that this girl was simply doing her friend a favor by taking my picture. Apparently, I looked a lot like a friend from school named Frank (pronounced Frahnk). The resemblence was so uncanny that it deserved a picture. She even asked another guy to join the photo to ease the awkwardness of the moment. I went with it but I was so disappointed. Even though the interaction was brief, I knew I had to work on my skills with the opposite sex. She was cute though. No doubt about it. I knew I never would see her again, but I still chickened out, and never made another move.

A few years later, I started dating Kara (who is now my wife) and things were getting serious. I had made the cut (in my mind at least), and she started telling her friends about me and I realized she was the one I wanted to be with forever (I had a quick attachment). When we were dating a little less than a year, I attended Kara’s graduation open house, and got to meet some of her friends and extended family. Things were going well.

During the party, I met one of Kara’s friends (who also happened to be named Kara), and I noticed her friend was staring at me in an odd way. For the rest of this conversation, to avoid confusion, I will call my Kara, Kara 1 and her friend, Kara 2.

Kara 2: (Head slanted…staring at me) Hey Kara…your boyfriend looks like a friend of mine.

Kara 1: Really? Who is that?

Kara 2: He…looks like my friend Frank (pronounced Frahnk)

Kara 1: That’s cool.

Kara 2: Do…(pause)…do you remember that time we were at that youth retreat when I showed you that guy who looked like Frank and I asked you to…

Kara 1: …take his picture….yes…

Both of the girls looked at me and my eyes were wide at this point. The conversation went silent, my palms instantly started to sweat, and then we all immediately made the same realization. My girlfriend was the one who took that picture of me years ago, and we didn’t even know each other. I never thought I would see her again. I had completely forgotten this whole event even occured. That memory came flooding back into my mind and it dawned on me that I was in the midst of one of those situations that only God could have orchestrated.

I wish I would have made my move when I was 14. Perhaps that would have given me a few more years with the woman I love more than life.

Now, we have 2 beautiful kids, and I have been forever changed…by a simple picture.

Yes...this was the actual picture taken, by a cute girl that I never thought I would see again.
Yes…this was the actual picture taken, by a cute girl that I never thought I would see again.

2 thoughts on “Picture This: Forever Changed

  1. Landon: I am not sure how I happened upon your blog this morning. But, I read the entry about a “picture changing your life.” One thing you should remember is: God’s timing is always right! You said it best when you spoke of how you were just 14 and not “experienced” with women. Obviously, the time was not right at that moment. The seed was sown and the memory created. But, time and life had to make it grown and when God thought you were ready ….bingo…. you met again. My husband and I have been married over 35 years now…when I barely knew him, we jumped out a church window together…who knew…God did, of course!


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