10 Prayers for My Church for 2016

Hello Church Family!

2015 has been a year of ups and downs for our church. There have been great achievements and deep discouragements. This is natural and all apart of what we are called to do and who we are called to be. Jesus never promised prosperity…only asked that we obey.

Lately, God has been getting me so excited about preaching His word, and leading you all as your Pastor. There are hard parts and ones that come more easily, but overall I feel so blessed daily to be a part of a church that loves others so deeply.

As we transition into 2016, I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray in a certain direction. This prayer is specific and covers 10 areas in which I desperately desire to see God move in us. We must allow Him to change us if we are to effectively minister to a dying, broken, and lost world.

In 2016, my desire is that you will:

1. Be bold in Faith
2. Be Ignited with Holy Passion
3. Be child-like in trust
4. Be eager to accomplish His will
5. Be committed to whatever it takes to see people changed for the Gospel
6. Be courageous when the enemy confronts you
7. Be lovers of His word
8. Be committed to prayer
9. Be practitioners of patience and love
10. Be responsive to the Holy Spirit

Let’s face it…we are a small church. When we think about this fact, it is tempting to think we can have little to no impact in the kingdom. The Bible tells us differently. Countless times, we see God changing history through only a few. If we believe the Holy Spirit has the same power today, then we can be confident that we are every bit as powerful, in the name of Jesus, as any other Christ-led assembly. If faith like a mustard seed can move mountains, then a church the size of a mustard seed can change hearts.

The world needs us. We have the antidote. We know where the life giving water is. We know the war is over.

Now…it is time to wake the giant, and show the world what souls on fire can do!

It’s time. Church…Mobilize!

Let’s serve, love, connect, and proclaim in a new way.

Love you all. Merry Christmas!

-Pastor Landon

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