My Legacy

If I didn’t wake up tomorrow
You know what I would do?
I would run through the meadows
My feet dampened by the dew

I would be at peace
And finally be free
Free from the darkness
Escaping all misery

It would be great to swim
in the cool crystal pools
Reuniting with loved ones
and acting like fools

The food would be great
the banquet would never end
We would dine with Jesus
as if He were our closest friend

I wouldn’t care about below
And all the pain I fled
Not that I was calloused
But I realize eternity is ahead

But let’s just say
I actually did think for a bit
About the life I led
and the light that was lit

I would probably wonder
about the prints I leave
If others were touched
If I helped them to believe

Did I allow God to guide
Even when my soul seemed bare?
Did I treat people kind?
Did I show them I care?

Perhaps I will look down
at some point to see
If those that I prayed for
Will carry on my legacy

My God only knows
When that fateful moment will start
Until then, my job continues
His words will guide my heart.

-Landon DeCrastos

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