Hope of The World

Reaching out with open hands
Desperately ignoring circumstance
Really hoping to gain His glance
Finding peace when I do

But, watching the news with disbelief
Killings, abuse…another thief
Praying evil will turn over a new leaf
Wanting the world to be made new

Save them God, as they go astray
Show the world your face today
Help them to joyfully obey
Thinking “If they only knew”

All of my frustration and concern
Over the lessons they should learn
For worldwide change I passionately yearn
Wishing they understood what was true

I shout in anger to the sky
“Why do the innocent have to die?”
Why are slaves given over to buy
Cities destroyed by wind that blew

When will the answer show its face
And give hope to the human race
When will people wholly embrace
When will the hurt be through

These questions I had in my mind
And not one place could I find
An answer that was direct and kind
But, I unsuccessfully thought of a few

But then a finger came out of the air
And pointed at me in my chair
The booming voice, terrifying yet fair
Said, “the change starts with YOU”.

-Landon DeCrastos

2 thoughts on “Hope of The World

  1. OH So true …. wonderful poetic prose, Landon!
    Thank you for your ‘heart of Love’ for a Lost World! Oh, that we all have a burden for those in our worlds.


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