The Rooster’s Crow

I hope that you never know
The erie sound of the rooster’s crow
As your sin brings you to a new low
And you deny Him once again

As He died there on that tree
Back then on calvary
He did that for you and me
But how often we forget

We forget the blessed times
When He provided nickles and some dimes
The stories are more than nursery rhymes
Yet we dismiss them way too soon

What would happen if we made a stand
United with believers hand in hand
Desired to take back this land
And attack the gates if Hell?

It wouldn’t be easy; I can tell you that
Engaged in fervent spiritual combat
No physical weapons; not even a bat
But prayers and His holy truth

No…here is my ultimate plan
I pledge to be that man
Who is more than just a fan
But a warrior; ready to win.

My goal is never to hear that sound
Of the rooster’s crow and thus be bound
By my rejection of the truth I have found
And throw it all away

The bird I mean is that very same
the fowl Peter heard and thus was blamed
For denying the Lord’s holy name
And convicting his heart for good…

Brothers and sisters, it’s time to rise
Let’s look at the world through His eyes
Stand up and defeat the author of lies
And fight the battle of truth.

-Landon DeCrastos

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