The Sad Story of Pete

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I present to you
A very sad story
Every word of it is true

The tale I am about to tell
Comes as a surprise
A narrative of a sad little bird
Who, in the end…dies

I may have given the last chapter away
Perhaps you think it ended too fast
Hold on, though, because I assure you
The lesson has not yet passed

Consider this tiny store bought bird
To expound, let’s call him Pete
Wings clipped and caged up
He was a domestic parakeet

Pete could see out of his cage
He admired the owner’s wares
He saw fancy linens displayed around
He admired the wood-carved chairs

There was something he longed to touch
He imagined himself having fun
A bright red ball, inviting him to play
Shiny and glistening in the sun

The temptation took over his mind
So much, that he thought of a plan
One day, he would escape his cage
and take the ball before he ran

The day had come when he chose
To make his final run
He knew he could open his cage
His operation would soon be done

Little did he know his wings grew back
He found out he could soar
But, he so desperately wanted that ball
And now free, even more.

He approached the ball slowly
But had a horrible surprise
The ball was too heavy
To lift it into the skies

So, not wanting to let go
Pete played with his toy
Until the family cat came by
and stole the little bird’s joy

It was fun while it lasted
But temptation took his soul
Little Pete died that day
And ended his lifelong goal

Pete could have flown away
And chosen to be free
Instead he was devoured by the cat
Without a last wish or plea

So when you are caught
Not knowing where to turn
Remember this bird
And the lesson he should have learned.

One day the choice will be in your hands
And the temporal will look so great
Simply choose life over death
Fly to freedom. Don’t take the bait.

– Landon DeCrastos

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