A battle that is raging every day
A debt that I can’t possibly pay
The grace to lead from astray
Power that is not from me

The struggle I furiously fight
Clinched fists from morning til night
No immediate hope; no light
A solution I cannot see

Still you hold me when things get tough
I push away as if you are not enough
I reject; you call my bluff
And fight aggressively

My hubris sets me back again
Like Icarus; falling…sin
Reminding myself of who I have been
Desperately wanting to flee

But, it is in those times that I resign
When I look up and step over the line
Give up and call you mine
And acknowledge your work on that tree

I can’t praise you enough for what you gave
How you killed death and rose from the grave
And to think how I currently behave
Compells my bended knee

Thank You God for your all
For giving me my holy call
For being there when I fall
And loving unconditionally