The Flood

He makes a wretch His treasure
And somehow He made me new
He took what little that I had
And did what only He could do

The dirt, the pain, the darkest heart
The anger that I held
Dissolved in the flood
Of the wave that powerfully swelled

My goodness was like a small drop
Amongest the sin-filled sea
But, in the midst of the chaos
My Lord picked out me

It wasn’t virtue that caught His glance
Or the power I could boast
But the weakest soul that I had become
Intrigued my God the most

So, as I sit here in this chair
With nothing to claim as my own
I realize I deserve nothing good
And my life is simply on loan

Thank God for forming my life
Into what it needs to be
And, out of the vastness of my sin
Rescuing dirty old me.

-Landon DeCrastos

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