A Kind Obsession

Maybe it’s the taste of a slender stick
or the bottom of a cup
Perhaps the screen and one more click
Or the temptation to give up

It could be the thoughts that float in your head
Or the hardened heart forming
When sleeplessness keeps you out of bed
When your emotions are storming

You could be drawn by something nice
Something that feels so good
At the time it seems like paradise
But you still question if you should

Don’t dip your toe in the stream
Don’t think about giving it a try
Don’t fall for that age old scheme
Don’t settle for that lie

Because I know someone who cares much more
He love you no matter what
Even if you have closed the door
And you think it will always be shut

He accepts you no matter where you have been
He knows your soul by name
He can rescue you from your sin
And release you from your shame

We all have clinged to what we know
We have struggled to survive
We can jump into the cleansing flow
Feet first or even dive

Our kind obsession, He can be
The one our hearts long for
If we give Him the chance to set us free
And reopen that welded door.


-Landon DeCrastos

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