Dear Boy

josiahHey Bub,

It’s your Daddy. A few days ago, I wrote a letter to your sister and I wanted to continue to convey my feelings by writing one to you. There are so many things I would love to tell you. I could spend days typing out a message to you and the surface level of my love for you would not even begin to be described. I do think there are some specific things you need to know, and today I want to take the time to tell you. As I am writing this letter, you are an energetic, stubborn, smart, loving 4 year old boy. You are my boy. Never forget that.

First, you have to know how proud I am of you. No matter how many times I get on your case about being obedient, or how many things in our house get damaged beyond repair, it is vital for you to know that I think you are amazing. I am old-fashioned, I know this, and for a first-born son I have made it a point to raise you carefully with the understanding that your name means something. In the Old Testament, King Josiah was known as the king who led his people back to God. This followed generation after generation of people who disobeyed God’s word and went their own way. I see this influence in you already. You are a strong, smart, and determined little boy who will lead many to God. Your middle name, just like your sister’s, was named after a person who loves Jesus more than anything. To me, I want to see you thrive, and I know you can be whatever you choose to be. God chose only you for your calling. Run after Him and you will see blessing.

A few days ago, I seemed mad at you for a few minutes because you jumped on me and punched me in the back. Can I be honest with you about that experience? I loved it. Why? Because of what you said when you did it. Let me explain. Your sister and I were having an epic tickle battle and I had her pinned on the couch. I was tickling her and nibbling on her belly, and you were pretending you were a superhero. You jumped on my back and told me you were protecting her and you fought me to get me to stop. I had to discipline you because it was the right parenting move because “we don’t hit”, but deep down inside I was so proud. I couldn’t show it because I would have gotten in trouble with Mommy… The point is, you are right. You are called to be a protector of your sister. Don’t ever forget this…It is a serious job. You have super powers. Use them wisely.

Your sister watches every move you make. Be wise. She will look to you when she gets older as a resource and a person who will always be there when her heart is broken. Be the knight who slays the dragon for her.

More than anything else, you must remember that Daddy loves you more than life. When I saw you for the first time, it was a spiritual experience for me. I felt as if I knew you…as if your face was familiar to me. You are so special.

You are a DeCrastos. Make that mean something. I want to use this letter as one of the ways I impart my blessing on you…as your father…and the only one who can.

I love you Bub. As your Papaw always told me…you make my heart smile.


P.S. When you get up from your nap, I am challenging you to a wrestling match. Get ready to go down.

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