A Letter to My Princess

babeHi Babe,

It is your Daddy. I am writing this letter to you today, because there are some important things I need to tell you. I feel like God has given me some specific words to say to you, and also I have some of my own to add. As I am writing this letter, I know you are only 19 months old and you can’t read, but you and your brother have made such an impact on me that I have to make my feelings known.

First, I want to say that I love you with all my heart. I know you hear me say this all the time and you act like you get tired of hearing it, but it is my most important message. You truly light up every moment of my day. My love for you is so deep that you make me forget about bad or stressful times. No matter what happens in your life, please always remember that Daddy loves you more than life itself. Sometimes, when I am a way I daydream about hugging my children and wrestling around in the living room. You are amazing.

I have to be honest about something. It scares me to see you grow up. In my mind you are still a newborn infant, so when Mommy talks to me about switching you to a “big girl ” bed I want to put my fingers in my ears and ignore any comments made on the subject. I know I have to get over this, but I really don’t want to so just let me be a stubborn Dad right now, and hold you forever. Umkay? Good.

You also need to know that I have already decided that no boy will ever be good enough for you. When you are dating, and looking for that special someone, just know that the answer is no, and he is not right for you. Make that a default answer and just assume it will always be the case. Oh…alright…I suppose that SOME day I will accept the fact that another man will steal your heart. I guess I need to start praying about that right now, huh? Can I please pray that this moment is at least 50 year away? No? Ugh…ok…fine.

The other day we had the most intensely special time I have ever experienced with you. When I got you up from your nap I just held you in my arms. I pulled out my phone and put on a slow song and we danced. You rested your head on my shoulder and I took many opportunities to gently kiss you on the forehead. It was lovely. It was spiritual. I want you to know that I will never forget that moment. I want to always be your dance partner.

For the rest of your life, I want to be your protector. If you get hurt, I will try to make it better. If you are sad, I want to make you happy. If you are afraid, please tell me and I will beat up the monsters. I want to be there for you. For always. For keeps.

You are so smart. I am so excited to see the ways God will use you in your life. I want you to know that I think you have endless possibilites in front of you and I am convinced you will grow up to be amazingly talented in whatever you do in the future. Shoot for the moon. Work hard, and you will see abundance because of it.

I love you sweetheart. You will always be my princess. Don’t forget that. Keep running after God, serving Jesus, and showing compassion to others and you will never regret it. I am excited to see you grow in Christ, and be a light to this world. We need it.


Note: The next couple blog posts will be letters to my son and wife.

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