Where I Come From

Many people may ask where I am from.

This question has many beautiful layers.

And often we think of just one

We think of location; the place, time, and year.

But my answer is one that I truly hold dear.

I come from so many places, and you may as well.

I come from a testimony that is so exciting to tell.

I come from the prayers of family; fervent and strong.

I come from tears; passionate and long

I come from the sacrifice; brave women and men

I come from a faithful heritage and stories of what has been

I come from the smiles of children holding onto my leg

I come from a wife’s gentle kiss; for which there is no need to beg.

I come fromt the laughter of friends; those I love so dear

I come from the mourning of the lost; wishing they were still near

I come from my personal reflections; my mortality as a man

I come from the Love of God; embracing His plan

Most of all, I come from a Christ who gave up His identity

For freedom, love and life eternally.

-Landon DeCrastos

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