Waiting to Live

Waiting to Live“When I earn more money, I am going to give more, do more, and be more…” This may not be a phrase you say out loud, but it is often a thought process that people have. Or, what about this one…”when I have more free time, I am going to make _______ a priority.” You can fill in the blank with whatever you normally say. Sometimes life can be discouraging, and during these times, the average human being longs to be in a different situation. We make grandiose plans that only begin when a hurdle in life has been cleared. Then, years go by, and these dreams that we once had never came to fruition.

First of all, no…this is not THAT blog post. You know, the one that encourages you to “follow your dreams” and generically calls you to be a better person. If I wanted to convey this, I could put a link on here to a popular preschool cartoon and my job would be done. No…this goes much deeper than that.

Somehow, in our culture, we have gotten so busy and desiring to pursue our version of success that we, with reckless haste, push things like joy, peace, and growth completely out of reach. We are so busy earning money, fulfilling obligations, networking, and making ourselves seen that we neglect the very purpose for which we were created. Then guilt sets in. We have not devoted enough time to reading scripture, prayer, or even church and satan starts to become the evil accuser once again. Our guilt debilitates us and convinces our hearts that we are not real followers of God. It is a vicious cycle.

Why do we do this to ourselves? We say we will be generous when we have enough, we will serve God when we have more time, and will grow when it fits into our schedules?  The consequences of a life lived this way are ones that lead to misery. Many people even fall away from God due to boredom or they feel like this life was “marketed” in a different way they were experiencing. The fact is they are right. The joy-filled Christian life is different than what they have experienced…it is a life that is hard, and constant engagement is vital. I think God wants us to trust Him, and recognize that sacrifice sometimes hurts at first…and is scary most of the time.One cannot start a pattern of growth and simply sit back and relax. It takes effort, sacrifice, and frustration. Victory doesn’t come by accident.

If you are like me, you can openly admit that God deserves so much more than I give Him. We can’t just live regretful lives all the time. We have to stand up and act, and not wait for our situations to get better for our feet to move. Stop waiting to live.

-Landon DeCrastos

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