Streams (Monday Musings)


“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” –John 7:38.

This passage is amazing to me, because the message is completely countercultural to our current society. Many people look at their personal beliefs in more of a hobby format, than one that determines lifestyle, behavior, or thought processes. People live their lifestyle in a certain way due to their beliefs about God and human relationships. Some people, however, say their beliefs are in line with a certain system yet their behavior shows differently. This causes an internal dilemma with anyone involved and leads to discomfort and spiritual warfare. One example of this is apathy concerning sin. Gluttony is one example.

The practice and religion of gluttony is a belief system more than it is series of habits. It is true that sometimes I will eat a little too much and regret it later, but gluttony is a chronic and detrimental religion. I call this practice a religion, because of what it takes to be a glutton. Like many other brands of sin, gluttony takes the human through a journey for which the destination is self reliance. When one is a glutton they are saying that God is not sufficient to provide so I must enjoy life now beyond the fullest measure. I must soak up as much pleasure as I can before it is gone forever.

God created enough for a reason. He wanted humanity to remember that it is He who provides, and He who we must hunger for. Hunger pains are built in reminders that we can not function without an outside substance. Without the sacrifice of another life (plant, animal, etc.)

Stewardship of the body implies that we do not have ownership of ourselves. We are a possession of the most high king, and are meant for His glory. How can we do this if our beliefs and behavior do not match? If I love God, how will I show Him?

What pleases Him is a life that is dedicated to love, and sold out to giving Him glory. Not because God is full of Himself, but because the practice of loving God makes us better.

Cling to enough. Love what is good.

-Landon DeCrastos

PS. Yesterday, I posted a blog called “Welcome to My Struggle” in which I talked openly about my eating addiction. I have gotten great responses from this and I want to thank you all for reading and commenting through emails, and Facebook messages. Today, I want to present to you my wife’s first blog and an introduction to her spiritual and physical journey. Click here to be taken to her new blog called “Mirror, Mirror”.

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