Deceiving Scars

If you have ever browsed on Pinterest or looked at a framed inspirational picture at an antique shop you have seen quotes that talk about brokenness, hardship, or “scars”. These quotes are meant to feel better and let you know that you are not the only one struggling. They are meant to help you feel affirmed and perhaps even justified in the way you feel about your situation. Sometimes they even are meant to help you relax and accept “who you are” and “where you have been”.

We have all been through tough times in life. These tough times often leave us broken and our lives are then redirected based off of the hurt we have come out of. The last thing I would ever want to do is diminish the pain cause by these times, but there is something I think God wants us to realize. We must learn from our scars.

Scars are interesting things. They remind us of the injury we have endured and the fact they are there says we have lived through trauma and have evidence to prove it. We often see inspirational writings that tell us to  “embrace our scars”, because we are stronger because of them. Are we though? Are we stronger? I think it depends on how we have healed. What if these scars are more deceiving than we realize.

From working at a doctor’s office, I can give you story after story of how patients who are in pain can be stubborn. One example would be a man who fell out of his wheelchair. He is a quiet man who never allows people to know when he is not feeling well. This day, he fell and was able to pull himself back up after a long struggle. He suffered a minor cut on his arm, and continued to have pain that seemed to grow worse. The cut on his arm was no big deal and eventually healed…but the pain remained. Finally, after a few weeks of his family begging him to get an xray, we found out his arm had broken. By this time, it had mostly healed incorrectly and caused more damage. If he would have allowed appropriate action to be taken at the time, his broken arm would have healed correctly.

What is the point? Sometimes we place so much emphasis on the scars that we have and we fail to look deeper. We often believe that our healing depends solely on us and never take appropriate action to full seek wholeness. When this happens we develop scars and find a certain amount of healing but grow in a way that is ultimately damaging. Sometimes, we have to be “rebroken” to see full healing. It is a hard process to take part in.

Don’t reject the healing God wants to give you. Yes…we are all broken, but we are not called to stay that way. Trust and obey. God wants your life to display abundance. Not damage and fear. You are never to far away from God to turn back or to start with a clean slate.

-Landon DeCrastos

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