What Does God See?

What does God see when He looks down at me?

Does He view my attempts at prosperity?

Does He notice when I try to set myself free?

or insult Him with my “praise”.

When I enter His house with a scowl on my face…

When I hope others will be put in their place…

When I simply reject His unfailing grace…

and it all results in malaise.

Does He see the condition of my hurting heart?

Does He desire, for me, a brand new start?

Do I have a purpose; do I have a part?

is living this life something that pays?

While I do not pretend to know His thoughts

It is easy to connect the dots

my stomach tends to turn in in knots

when attempting to navigate this maze

He loves us; it is easy to see

He showed us through a death on a tree

Christ’s life can set us free

and save us from this phase

So give your life to the one who cares

ignore the scowls, the words, the stares

leave a legacy for your heirs

and surrender the rest of your days.

-Landon DeCrastos



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