What Does God Think?

What does God think when He looks down?

When He observes our cities; when He sees our towns?

Does He see the sick, the dying, the weak?

Does the outlook, to Him, look fairly bleak?

Does He see the children; who struggle for food?

Does He hear the the parent whose actions are crude?

Could it be that what He sees

Is the exact opposite of what we percieve

While we spend so much time in fear

He displays His power when He is near

Could it be that this is all explained

By human sin and resulting pain?

This is easy enough to say

But, why does it have to be this way?

The good news is easily defined

as the majesty that flows from God’s mind

Christ’s saving grace and death on the cross

can redeem a man’s soul; can save the lost.

What if…and this is not a stretch…

souls are what Jesus came to fetch

The answer is God’s presence;  that will make us free

If we trust in His son and fall on our knees.

So, what does God think when He looks from above?

He probably thinks of what else He can do to show His love

-Landon DeCrastos

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