Spiritual Amnesia

remember“Pastor, I have an amazing praise this week…after months of looking for a job, I accepted an offer a few days ago! God is so good!”. Amen, God really is so good.

Declarations like this are common and it is safe to say that each one of us has a similar story. Your prayer was finally answered, the situation you had been dreading ended much better than you thought it would, or even the scenerio in which money showed up out of nowhere when you needed it the most…these events in life make for great testimonies, and they are wonderful stories to share with friends. When we are in the moment, these things give us joy and contentment…we have experienced a MIRACLE! Our faith grows, and our relationship with God becomes more solidified.

We are not so naive as to think that our life will be perfect. Even if God has done something amazing that has gotten our attention, we know that there are going to be some valleys in our lives. The problem comes when we encounter these lows in succession. When we lose sight of the mountain top, God’s voice seems to get quieter and quieter. Then…we feel like we are floating in space and our prayers are falling on deaf ears.

I think sometimes we suffer an illness that I like to call “spiritual amnesia”. In the tough times, we forget about what God has done in the past and how, maybe  just 2 weeks ago, He gave us such an intense blessing that we had to tell the world. Our faith is paused during this time period. We are not bad Christians…we are not going to Hell…we just…forget. We are human and we are in a normal cycle of growth.

What if, in the neutral times of spiritual limbo, we dedicate some time to remembering. We can make recalling God’s blessings into a spiritual discipline. Our prayer life should be filled with gratitude before it is populated with pleas. This will keep is in a pattern of growth and we will recognize even the smallest blessings.

Here is the point. God did not leave you behind. Sometimes we have to go through the darkness, and in doing so, the light becomes that much brighter. Don’t let your current circumstances give you spiritual amnesia. He didn’t forget you…so don’t forget Him.

Never forget you are loved.

-Landon DeCrastos

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