Will’s Story

I wanted to take a moment to deviate from my usual subject matter on this blog. First, I want to say how proud I am of the boy who created the video you are about to see. Second, I want to caution us from looking at this as an issue confined to one particular life pattern. Bullying is wrong, and for some reason many have bought into the lie that this epidemic is confined to minorities, or certain people groups. Bullying happens when a person’s insecurity (and perhaps their past programming) intersect with another person’s unique qualities. I was bullied from time to time when I was young. Not to the extent that many have been. Luckily it was not scarring….some kids are not so lucky.

This boy is a pastor’s son, and has decided to make the most out of his situation. He is a normal boy by any standard. He plays video games, he is occasionally mischievous there are a few girls that he has had crushes on, and he has huge aspirations in life. Heros are not fictional. They live.


Based on the response of this video. Will has created a website called friendsareneveralone.com


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