Catching My Attention Part 4

In earlier blog posts, I have written about different organizations that have caught my attention in some way. These organizations have proved to be ones that exists for a purpose other than simply than the increase of revenue. On this list there are both nonprofit and for-profit businesses, and God is using them to bring about change in their local communities and even on a global scale. In fact, I now have a new page on this blog called “Honorable Mention” that is a running list of the companies that I have honored in this blog.

The two businesses I want to highlight today have been ones that I have done some kind of work for in the past…

1. Grace at Home– This company delivers primary care house calls to the homebound and the home-limited. From routine checkups to lab work, x-rays, EKGs and ultrasounds, Patients receive expert care, all from the comfort and safety of their home. You may have seen companies like this, but what makes this one unique is the Godly compassion that is shown regularly to their patients. (Okay….I may be bias about this one because it is actually the company I work for in my day job). Trust me….I would not feature this company on this blog if I truly did not believe in what they stand for.

2. Technology Recyclers– This company recycles electronics for residential and commercial clients all over Indiana. In most cases, they collect these objects for free (exception being the older TV’s that need special disposal). This company is guided by Christian principles and is known for hiring people who may find it difficult to get jobs in other places.

I hope you take some time to look at these websites. God is doing amazing things through these people…..not because they are making money, but they are honoring Him through their work.

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