Do Doggies Have Knees?

My son asks so many questions. Most 3 year olds do. It seems to be their job. Some answers to the questions are really easy and others really stump me. There are questions that we can answer in a few words and there are others that we know the answer to in theory but have a very hard time verbalizing. For instance, try telling a 3 year old how his little sister came out of Mommy’s tummy. The words just don’t exist to help him wrap his mind around the concept.

Today, my son asked me a question that I had to really think about. This morning he jumped out of bed, and ran into my bedroom where I was getting ready for my work day. He did not start with “good morning!” or “hello!” but a very random question. “Daddy, do doggies have knees?”

Do doggies have knees? Umm…..I think yes. I really had to picture the canine anatomy for a second to come up with my answer. I told him they did, and he ran away completely satisfied with the answer. I still don’t know what this research project will produce.

This got me thinking about questions we have in our faith-life. Sometimes there are things that we really want to know, but are afraid to ask because we may be judged. We may be looked at as a bad Christian if we have “silly” questions that we genuinely desire to know. Perhaps we think we will even be looked at as immature.

The truth is….a believer who desires to know more about God is one that is growing in their faith. At a faster pace, in fact, than a follower who thinks they know it all.

Do you have the courage to ask, learn and grow? Do you really want to know if doggies have knees? It’s not as silly of a question as you may think.

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