Who are you?

If I were to ask you this question, your mind may migrate to thoughts of occupation, vocation, or other social label. You may say “I am an engineer”, or “I am a nurse”, or maybe even “I am a teacher”. Perhaps you would even say that you are a parent or spouse. If those labels were taken away from you though….who would you be? A nobody? A loser? A failure?

As I read the book of Job in the Old Testament, I think this is an important question that is being asked.  Yes, of course the story is about obedience to God through adversity, but as I read, I feel like we are missing something when we stop there. Who are we when everything is taken away from us? Are we defined by our occupation or the accumulation of material possessions? Is our identity founded in what we consider success? 

If you have never heard the story, allow me to give a quick overview. Essentially, Job was a follower of God who lost everything….his friends, family, property, and nearly his life. Satan hated the fact that Job loved God and had faith in a generation in which a majority had rejected God. Technically, Satan ruled the world at this time….but the faith of one changed everything. 

The concept that stands out most to me is that Job was a man who desired to please God. His identity was centered in serving and loving the one true God. While his friends, and family assumed that he was losing himself he knew that he was more alive and lived with purpose when he grew closer to God.

The world wants us to believe that we are supposed to live up to some made up standard or the purpose of life is to be more successful than our neighbor.

God does not want us to be constantly chasing a false concept of who we think we should be…He wants us to be His. We cannot allow ourselves to be defined by how much we have or our title. If we love God and follow Him…we are God’s child. There is no title better than that.

-Landon DeCrastos

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