Becoming Well


I am a terrible patient.

Lately, I have experienced a cough that has lasted around a month, and each day it becomes more annoying.  A few weeks ago i broke down and went to a local immediate care facility and was given antibiotics. They did nothing for me. I then decided to live with my ailment and essentially ignore the symptoms that I was having. It was okay at first, but the more I coughed and wheezed, the more people made comments about my condition. “You need to go back to the doctor”, some would say. Others would try to diagnose me based on their personal experience.

I have to say that I got tired of hearing people tell me that something was wrong.  I would roll my eyes, and ignore their advice. I developed a wall of pride that prevented me from seeing the real issue.

How many times do we do this? We slowly (not necessarily on purpose) eliminate intimate times with God, and our priorities become skewed. The lack of regular resourcing from God’s spirit begins to erode us to the point of burnout and exhaustion. Don’t get me wrong….even when we are in God’s will exhaustion can still come, but it is a different response. This exhaustion can lead to bitterness and what I displayed; pride.

When we are in this situation we can become somewhat irritated when someone points out our visible change. Our eyes have lost their sparkle and our desire for “His will……on earth as it is is heaven” has disolved.

God wants us to be well. He wants to spend regular time with us and pour His spirit out upon our lives. Not to magically give us wealth or influence, but a resourcing that will not only get us through the hard times, but will also help our testimony be meaningful to others.

In humility, we need to approach the Great Physician. We may be afraid of the potential diagnoses, but the future will be filled with unlimited potential if we obey.

The enemy of our souls wants us to believe that we are alone in the fight to become well. We know better than that….

-Landon DeCrastos

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