Catching My Attention Part 3


Since I have made blogging a regular habit, I have shared with you all in two previous posts some nonprofit organizations that have caught my attentiont. Their missions are trustworthy and their passion is centered in bettering the lives of people while glorifying God. The first post can be seen here.  The second post can be read by clicking here.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a passion for helping organizations to share their message. Many people desire to support a cause but they do not know where to start or which ones to pursue. Feel free to message me at some point and describe your passion and I can probably direct you to a cause that will fit.

Today, I want to share two more organizations that have caught my attention. They are doing incredible things, and I want you to pray about supporting them through giving, praying, and telling people you know about what they are doing.

1. Silent Blessings Deaf Ministries– Silent Blessings is a nonprofit Christian ministry seeking to bring spiritual healing to Deaf and hard-of-hearing people and their families. This incredible ministry is changing the lives in a community demographic that is often untouched by traditional ministries. View their website by clicking here. You can also see videos about their ministry on their website.

2. Renewable Hope, Inc– Renewable Hope shares the love of Christ through partnerships and missions with organizations, churches and individuals to install sustainable environmental resources around the globe. Through wind and solar energy systems Renewable Hope builds water fiiltration systems, local infrastructure projects, and effective leadership training in countries all over the world. Click here to access their website.  RH dos not have online giving yet, so if you are interested in giving to this ministry or learning more please let me know and I will connect you accordingly.

Pray. Give. Support.

The kingdom needs you and God has put passions within you for a reason.

-Landon DeCrastos

One thought on “Catching My Attention Part 3

  1. Greetings Pastor DeCrastos. I am director of, whose state-side headquarters is located in Carmel, IN. Our family was referred to your church plant as a valued addition to the community, one whose purpose is biblical without comprise. We are talking about visiting your assembly at the Sand Creek Intermediate School. Grace and Peace.


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