The Lost City Part 4 of 4

…With shame, and embarrassment, the girl told the man the story about how and why the city was founded. He listened in amazement, and became noticeably angry. Even though the fortified city looked beautiful from the outside, he had no desire to enter. From this anger grew a desire to help those that are also dying in the same way. They decided to gather as much water as they could haul, and set out to meet those that were wandering. They eventually encountered many people in which they helped from offering them the water. When the story was told to these people, they felt commissioned to help as well. Even though it seemed like a foolish endeavor, because the spring was back at the city, the people set out to help as many as possible.

The group was down to their last jar of water, and they knew that they needed to get rest for the following day. They knew that they would have to make their way back to the fortified city in the morning so the girl could get more. Before they went to sleep that night, they prayed that God would keep them safe.

The little girl prayed, and asked God to forgive those who lived in the city for hording the water, even though the spring was enough for everyone. Before the group went to bed, one of the ladies of the group asked the girl if she knew why the city was formed in the first place. The little girl remembered what her parents told her, and shared the message about seeking to help others. They went to bed, and when they woke up the next morning, the jars were full of water! The group could not believe it. They thanked God, and set out to take the water to those in need, knowing that there would always be enough.


-Landon DeCrastos

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