The Lost City Part 2 of 4

…Everyone was amazed by this spring, and decided that they would set up a camp here to see if there would be enough each day for the needs of the people.  After several days of observation and use, the people realized that there was always enough. It seemed as if it replenished based on the needs of the people. Every once in a while, however, other lost people wandered into the camp site, and also discovered the spring. Each time a new person was added, the spring grew slightly to accommodate.

The entrance of new people, however, made many nervous; so many people would get up early so that they could be assured their fill of the refreshing water.  As more and more people entered the site, the tension increased concerning the protection of this water source. People would argue and fight over the commodity, and many would take as much as they could to store it out of fear. This practice went on for a long time, and eventually the camp grew into a village.

In terms of shelter, the group wanted more permanent structures, so they built buildings that they could live in, and kept the spring the central focus of the city…which was closely guarded to keep people from hording the water. The villagers would build giant basins to keep their stored water in so they could stay in their house and rarely have to come out for what they needed each day. Eventually the people became so nervous about these newcomers that they decided to build a wall around the small city. No one dared to leave the confines of the walls, because all that they needed was within.

One day a little girl decided that she wanted to look over the wall. Many cautioned her from doing this, because they thought there was no need, and it would be a waste of time. She, however, was extremely curious so she climbed up on a hill, and looked over. At first she could not see anything, because she wasn’t high enough, so she decided to sneak into one of the guard towers. These towers had been abandoned for quite some time, because the leaders of the small city banned the previous guards from the towers. They did this because the guards that were stationed in the towers seemed to always spot people trying to get into the fortified city and would have compassion on them, thus letting them in to partake of the self-replenishing spring. When this little girl climbed up to the top of the tower, she could not believe what she saw. On the outside she saw nothing but bodies…People who were trying to reach this water that they heard about, but were kept from entering…

to be continued 

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