The Lost City Part 1 of 4

A group of enthusiastic people set out on a journey together. The purpose of this journey was to find people that needed help and find ways to help them. They also wanted to teach people how to help others in the same way. These people had great hopes for their endeavor, and researched the best way to spread carry out their task. They wanted to make sure that they reached as many people as possible, and wanted to travel the farthest possible to do so. Anyone could help those that are around them every day, so they wanted a more wide spread impact.

The, best way to do this, they thought, was to start out on a long hike with the intention of sharing this message with everyone they meet. As they traveled they began to meet different people, and as they shared this message with them, their numbers grew. These new people wanted to be a part of this traveling community and tell others how great it is to join.  So, they kept marching along…recruiting more and more people into their group. This group became somewhat of a family after a while, and everyone knew everyone else within the group. They were truly growing in relationships with each other.

After a while of traveling, the group noticed that they were lost, and in the middle of a large wilderness. The only thing they could do was to keep walking. As they were walking they encountered a spring that did not seem very big, but looked refreshing. Each person in the group drank from the spring, and commented on how fresh it tasted. As soon as the last person got their fill, the spring dried up. Each person, had received just enough. The group agreed that it would be a good idea to camp out for the night and to begin again in the morning (since there was no more water).

The next day the group woke up and noticed that the spring was full once again. They decided to drink from it again, because they knew that it was refreshing. Each member drank and consumed just enough to be satisfied…and just like that, the spring dried up. The odd thing about this particular spring was the fact that, when they drank from it, somehow all the nutrients for the day were supplied and no one felt hungry….

to be continued

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