My Precious

In the movie series, “Lord of the Rings”, there is a character named Golem. This character is one who has dedicated most of his life to the guarding of a small golden ring. This ring has special powers that allow the person wearing it to become invisible. This is not, however, a clever party trick. The reason the ring was made was to allow the wearer of the ring to gain power and defeat enemies. Wearing this ring not only gave the individual great abilities…it also poisoned their mind. Golem had grown so attached to this ring that he felt that he could not live without it. It had become something that he served and called…in his words “my precious” (you said it using his voice in your mind, didn’t you?)

Golem had become so attached to this little piece of precious metal (no pun intended). We can look at him and shake our heads in disgust, but if we were honest we would admit that there are things in our lives that we hold on to just as tightly. For this movie character, and for us, idols are abundant.

In ancient times, idols represented gods that people served so they would not be destroyed and so they would be able to live comfortable lives. They were stone or wood statues that often took up residence in the corner of houses. They symbolically “protected” the home. These idols were often very top heavy so they needed to be nailed to the ground to prevent falling. Also, if an enemy was invading your region, or if your home caught fire, someone in your home would be designated to save the idol from destruction.

These idols were often made without eyes so that they could not see the activity that happened within the home and so the residents could do whatever they want without accountability.

What are the things that you unknowingly refer to as “my precious”? Is it your money? Your possessions? Your right to be angry? Your job title? Your family?

When we worship anything else but God, we will soon find that life is empty. Sure, it can be fun for a long time and we can even temporarily feel powerful, but if we are worshipping things or situations that we have the ability to maintain…then the object of our worship is limited by our limitations. God desires to give us abundance….a limitless supply of himself.

Seek God today…He loves you.

-Landon DeCrastos

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