Yesterday, we were at a restaurant with a couple of friends. We had great conversation and it was fun to be with them. They brought their children and we brought our son, and baby in utero.  If you have ever raised a toddler you know that one does not simply take a child this age to an eating establishment…parents bring the child along with an “eating kit” of sorts (bib, utensils, sippy cup, etc).

Our food had come, and everything looked delicious. After we got everything situated, I turned to my son to put his bib on him. At that moment, my son turned into Mr. Independent and wanted to do it himself. “MY TURN!”, he yelled as he ripped the bib from my hands. He wanted to put the bib on himself. He did not want any help. Within seconds he had it all knotted up and asked for help to get it on.

Sometimes we do this same thing to God. We think we can handle all of our problems, and even become offended when help or support is offered. We want to do things ourselves. We want to have the power to fix what is wrong with us. Often, when we take this course of action, we end up with a tangled mess.

What would the world look like if we looked at God as the first resort instead of the last? I have a feeling things would work a lot smoother. Pride would not be a dominant issue in our lives and we would find peace in the midst of our problems.

Trust in God today…he can fix it….Whatever “it” is.

-Landon DeCrastos

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