Catching My Attention Continued

A couple of months ago I posted a blog that highlighted two organizations that have caught my attention recently. These organizations exist to make their community better and to fill a visible void within their realm of influence. Today, I would like to highlight two more organizations that have inspired me in some way. Their missions are focused and their work is producing great results.

1. Selah House (Anderson, IN) – Selah House is an organization that offers professional eating disorder treatment for women and teen girls.  Amos Taylor, the CEO of Selah House has a passion to see transformation in the lives of the individuals he serves.

2. Tear Down the Walls ministries (Indianapolis, IN)– TDWM is a ministry that serves the homeless in downtown Indianapolis. For 10 years they have loved and served the homeless. They actually pursue the homeless where they are in various alleys, tent villages, and on the open sidewalks of the city. They feed, clothe, and provide help getting medical assistance for those in need. This organization goes to these people instead of waiting for them to come. Their main goal is to lead them out of a life of homelessness.

Take a look at these ministries and add them to your prayer list. Partnering in prayer and service with organizations like these are great ways to live the Great Commission in our cultural context.

-Landon DeCrastos

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