The Key of Silence

I have a confession to make. I may be in the vast minority, but it is true that I do not listen to much music. Don’t get me wrong…if I were to listen to something on the radio or on an mp3 player, I would have certain preferences, but for the most part, I prefer not to listen to music. It’s not that I dislike the sound, or can’t appreciate the art, because the artistic expression is obvious. People spend a lot of time, energy, and money honing their craft for the purpose of entertaining and expressing their deepest emotions through the vehicle of music. I appreciate that fact. I just don’t find much joy in listening to music for long periods of time.

I want to make it known that I believe God created music for our pleasure and also as a mechanism for worship of Him. It can give us such joy and it also pleases Him if we use it to serve.

In today’s culture, music has become the most popular way people have chosen to interpret what they are feeling. For some, it has also become an unhealthy distraction to a life that needs certain issues addressed. People will describe their anguish or love through lyrics that bring them to tears.

When walking down the street in the middle of a crowded city, it would be difficult not to pass someone wearing a shirt representing a band, listening to their favorite songs, or even playing an instrument for extra cash.

The problem with music is the way it has been misused in our culture. People seem to be genuinely afraid of silence. This could be that the thoughts that they would be alone with are ones they do not want to confront. No matter the reason, silence makes us uncomfortable.

Today, take some time to be silent. Don’t read. Don’t speak. Don’t listen to music. Just be alone and silent. Ask God to whisper to you during this time. You will be amazed what can come from being uncomfortable and deliberate.

-Landon DeCrastos

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