Storming Hell

I have always been fascinated by fantasy movies. When I was young, my favorite movie was “The Neverending Story”. I liked the portrayal of good versus evil in these types of movies and the fact that the storylines are not bound by physics or known history. Sometimes, I feel as if it is easier to convey a larger message, in a metaphorical sense, when one can make up fictional characters and abilities. People watching these movies can also extrapolate personal messages that speak to them from the content of these films.

In the second Lord of the Rings movie, an interesting transition occurs when the heroic main characters are caught in a giant battle against the enemy. They were outnumbered and they lacked the necessary stoutness of weaponry needed to defeat the evil that was on the offensive. Earlier in the movie, the main characters had made friends with a tribe of creatures that resembled large trees. These trees rejected the idea that they could be of any help in this inevitable battle…they were a peaceful tribe and did not want to meddle in things that didn’t concern them.

Toward the end of the movie, the battle raged between good and evil, and it seemed as if the darkness had the upper hand. At that moment, these large tree-like creatures rushed in to add their strength to the battle, and that provided the force needed to overcome.

When I reflect on this general concept, I can’t help but think about the Church (body of Christ) within the last few decades. We have become spiritual pacifists, unwilling to lend our might to the battle raging directly in front of us. We are convinced that the deterioration of this world does not concern us, because we are simply waiting for Christ to return. The battle against evil (and we were reminded this week that evil does indeed exist) seems to be a fight we are losing.

When the churches wakes up (empowered by God) and finally lends her hand to the fight…the force will be so overwhelming that evil will not even have time to draw its sword.

I am looking forward to that day….the day when we will wake up and storm the gates of Hell together.

-Landon DeCrastos

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