Catching My Attention

From time to time I have the opportunity to meet new people who are involved with some ministries that have caught my attention. It is an honor to know these people and to learn about their passions and why God has directed them in the path they are going. The birth of these ministries always come about, first, because of a passion for people. The leaders are humble, but motivated. The tasks are many, but God keeps resourcing them.

Today, I want to take a break from my normal style of writing, and simply highlight a couple ministries that have caught my attention in recent days. I will do this in my blog from time to time…

1. Fair Haven Foundation– Fair Haven exists to share the love of Jesus Christ with out-of-town patients and families of patients being treated at IU Health University Hospital and IU Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis. Fair Haven provides free, temporary housing and compassionate support to these families, creating a “haven” amidst the storm of serious health issues. I love this organization because of the love, and family oriented care they give to people who are in a situation in which they may feel alone. Visit their website at

2. World Renewal International– This organization is first and foremost, a church planting organization. They have a presence in 20 countries around the world in the establishment of orphanages, schools, pastor training programs, traveling evangelism, music ministry, Christian radio, and much more. World Renewal has a great child sponsorship program that focuses on children all over the world, and they send and support missionaries globally.  World Renewal is mostly volunteer led and their passion is evident. The website is

Take some time and visit these websites to learn more. Pray for these organizations…pray for their growth and that God would use them for His glory.

-Landon DeCrastos

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