Oops…Did I Just Say That?

“My car ran out of gas and it stranded me on the highway for a while.” “The store at the mall declined my credit card because it was maxed out.” “I didn’t get my coffee today”.

Have you ever heard phrases like these? Have you ever been the one to say them?

In our culture, I hear phrases like these every day. Sometimes, I hear them on TV, sometimes in the midst of counseling sessions, and more often online. The attitude behind these statements reflects a reason for the deterioration of the world around us.

It is a victim mentality that convinces us that everything that is bad in this world is a personal attack.

As a result of this idea, we fail to take responsibility for our own actions. If your car ran out of gas, it may be because you didn’t fill it (sometimes it is a money issue). If you are on a shopping spree for things you don’t need, and your credit card declines…then maybe one of the culprits could be your spending habits.

Also, yes, you are still responsible for your behavior if you did not get your coffee…go to bed earlier if possible! Granted, there are times when we can’t help or prevent what happens to us, but true character is displayed when we respond to these adversities in a noble manner.

Now before I start getting hate mail accusing me of being judgmental, it is important to note that I have fallen victim of a victim mentality many times in my life. I was convinced that the bad I was experiencing was happening to me and I never questioned whether I was contributing.

If we never take responsibility for what we have caused, what we have done, or who we have hurt, then our spiritual growth will be stunted. We will never see the need for redemption and will continue to believe that the world is out to make our lives miserable. This is no way to live.

Examine yourself. Take steps to grow.

-Landon DeCrastos

One thought on “Oops…Did I Just Say That?

  1. How about, “I didn’t get my coffee because my car ran out of gas because when I went to the mall I couldn’t get any cash because my card was maxed out.” — Yes, I agree with you Landon. We live in a world of victims, most of the time we are the ones that victimize ourselves. We empower ourselves to lie and blame others. It is also odd because we so often think we are also the solution to all of these problems. “I can do better” or “I will make it right”. So often we don’t want to take the blame for our wrongs, but then we also want the credit for our rights. Surely, Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ who enables me” but we so often get focused on the I part and forget the rest. We need to take responsibility for our failures and admit that we rest in the Grace of God through whom we can be transformed. Doesn’t mean we won’t still screw up, but it does mean when we do, we will take responsibility and move to be that which He calls us to be.


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