In the book of Genesis, the serpent tempts Eve to sin by asking a very important question. “Did God really say…? This phrase was said by the serpent in the Garden of Eden to make Eve question God’s word.

At the time, he was asking if God really said not to eat from any tree in the garden (knowing it was only one particular tree). Then, the serpent questions the severity of God’s consequences (surely you won’t die).

So, the first couple sinned not because they indulged in fruit but because they disobeyed God concerning this action. They missed the mark in this regard for many reasons, and these reasons had nothing to do with being hungry.

What causes sin to win battles in our hearts, minds, and actions? Understanding this may help us to avoid future pain, and even set us up for healing.

Sin gestates in our lives when we become prideful about our spiritual situation. “I can avoid temptation on my own”, we say to ourselves…or, “if I can just discipline myself, then I can resist.”

We also see this occur when we deceive ourselves into becoming entitled to the desired results of our sin. Finally, as implied earlier in this post, we subconsciously doubt God’s sufficiency and thus ignore His promises (His word).

There is hope in all of this. If we humbly approach God, give Him control, and rest in His promises, then we will find victory from sin and healing from pain.

Wait…did I just say victory from sin? Uh ohh……now we are getting into some controversial stuff……Well, at least with the next post we will.

-Landon DeCrastos

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