What am I really doing?

I am a pastor. This means that I have accepted an occupation that has certain demands and responsibilities. I love what I do because I feel that it gives me purpose. This career gives me the opportunity to meet people I would never meet otherwise and also I have learned so much about the way humans think, behave, and interact with one another.

Ultimately, my job as a pastor is to encourage people to become better versions of themselves (looking at it from a foundational perspective) and to equip them with the tools to be able to accomplish this task. It is so fulfilling….and each week I get the opportunity to energize people from the “pulpit” and persuade them to adjust their thought process or look at a subject in a new way.

There is one problem with my job, however, that is fundamentally different than any other occupation. It is all based off of volunteer attendance and support. This is true in other nonprofit situations, but sometimes in the church setting it is hard to sell giving and volunteering when there is no immediate reward or result for the individual.

For a pastor, it can be a tough task to convey the mission and get people excited to act. There is an interesting dynamic that exists with many in a congregation. In larger churches, of let’s say 1000, it is possible that around half of the people look at church as a weekend hobby (or somewhere to be seen). So the difficulty for the pastor (who gives their life to this profession) is to convince these people that what he/she is teaching is something that is important for everyday…and not simply an inspiring word to reflect on.

Pastors must look at the people as missionaries to their school, workplace, and home. The people that support and attend a local church must also look at themselves as commissioned employees to God’s kingdom. This mentality will infuse energy, passion, and efficiency into the church body.

-Landon DeCrastos

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