Many people cruise through life and just demand the basics of survival from an existence that seems to have nothing to offer. Days are filled with the same routine as the day before, and the only unique part of life comes with the occassional vacation or a day off. This mentality, however, can affect these rare times of relaxation. The reason for this is….often, all we think about during these times is what is waiting for us back at the routine. For instance, I used to get really excited for a day off when I worked at a retail store. The only problem was that it seemed like the very minute that my free day started, I could feel the next day breathing down my neck…..with all of its stresses, complications, questions, etc.

So, we get into this cycle of simply surviving and we find ourselves spiritually heading in circles just like a race at the Motor Speedway. All we do is race, and strain, and exert only to end up where we started…

What if we were to have a mission in life? A mission that involved saving people from the everyday… the routine. The Bible indicates the fact that God gives each life purpose. Initiating a relationship with the God of the universe will bring about adventure, chaos, danger, and intrigue. Our mission will be to become closer to Him, and each day is filled with new possiblities. People will look at you differently. Your work will have new meaning and direction. There will finally be a reason to get up in the morning….

Don’t get me wrong….it is not easy. But then again, living the routine is easy…

-Landon DeCrastos

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